Searching for a House? Know When to Buy or Bye!

Jesse Rottinghaus  |  October 16, 2021

Searching for a House? Know When to Buy or Bye!

What I love about this business is there is never a dull moment. That is also very true when seeing thousands of homes a year. Usually are no two homes that are alike. However, there are buyers that are alike. Many of the home shopping buyers fall in the same category of wanting a home that is structurally sound, has very few problems, and is quite appealing. Don't I wish it was always like that. I walk into houses, many times, and reserve my comments about the house until the buyers ask me about it. Then I just lay on the honesty, whether you like it or not!

I do not hold back or resort to salesperson-ship when asked my thoughts. I take a very analytic approach slightly massaged with layers of optimism if the house is a winner in the eyes of the buyer. Buyers need to know the harsh truth about a house with so many homes on the market with immediate problems. Just by walking through the home, I can get an idea of plumbing, A/C, electrical, roof (visually and/or permits), which are all very important with obtaining property insurance. Everything else is an aesthetic alteration and just having a good insight into what it would cost to renovate is additionally important and would make the difference in paying $50-100k more for a house than one listed down the road that needs $40k worth of work.

There are so many sellers looking to get premiums in this market but I've seen more and more sellers listing premium pieces of shit. This is too bad and is a direct reflection on 80% of the Real Estate "professionals" here locally. An agent that lists a house with "Polly-B" plumbing without a plan of action in place, is just an agent that doesn't know what they are doing, which is so sad. When I walk through a house I am preparing my buyers for what's ahead not just what is for today.

Therefore, choose an agent that will speak to you straight up! Having an opinion about a house coupled with knowledge supporting that opinion is a qualified Real Estate consultant for you.

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